The guys have returned from San Francisco and have some great stories to share about the Saints/49ers Divisional Round game. In NFL News, the guys discuss the Rams announcing Jeff Fisher as their new head coach and also stealing DC Greg Williams away from New Orleans. John Elway says Tim Tebow will be the starting QB heading into training camp next year, while longtime NFL coach Mike Martz announces his retirement.

The guys then discuss the four Divisional Round Playoff games. They spend plenty of time on the 49ers/Saints game since they were actually there covering the game for Sky Sports and Sky Sports News Radio. Guys talk about heading down to the field for the final Saints drive and the final 49ers drive and were standing behind the end zone when TE Vernon Davis made his game winning catch. Steven congratulates QB Tom Brady for tying the postseason record of most TD passes thrown as he torched the Broncos with 6 TD passes. Tim Tebow train is derailed and the guys are a little happy about that.

Finally, Steven says the Texans outplayed the Ravens with the exception of the turnover category, but also says Ed Reed is the man and can play ball until he is 50 and in a wheel chair! Jeff is a little sad to see “his Gold team” lose to the Giants, but Steven says he knew it was going to happen all along. Both guys went 3-1 with their Divisional Round picks.