Episode 15.16, the Week 15 Show.
Airdate: Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

We are in December, only three weeks left in the Regular Season and as the say in Jurrasic Park, “Life finds a way!” … to get in our way of us doing a show!

But the guys are back this week and Steven spends some time patting Steve on the back for winning the Challenge Game way back in Week 13.

The Cowboys are in a tailspin, and Jerry Jones goes a little off the deep end with some radio hosts in Dallas. OK, not really, but Steven plays the audio and tells everyone to calm down. All he said was “damn”.

The Giants started Eli again, and he wasn’t enough to hold a 17-3 lead against the Eagles. HWMKBN posts an apology on Instagram and Steven and Steven don’t care, but Goodell and the league say they are still investigating him and there is no timetable for his return. Plus Goodell cannot stop talking about Kaepernick. Let it go, commish!

The Patriots are recording people again! Seriously, why is it always the Patriots

Plus get of the guys Week 15 picks and Steven’s LOCK of the week!