The guys slap their palms to their faces and look back at this Sunday’s game against the Giants. It’s the second week in a row that rookie kicker Dan Bailey has been iced (once by the Cowboys coach) which caused his FG attempt to be blocked late in the game. They managed to score 34 points, but lost the the Giants who made an epic recovery and ended up clinching the win by 3 points at 37. The guys don’t blame Bailey. If the offense had scored so much, it’s on the defense to, well, DEFEND those points! If they didn’t let the Giants roll them into a FG position, they wouldn’t have to offer their kicker as a whole offensive. Rob Ryan needs to stop thinking about a HC position and start figuring out how he is going to manage his defense for the time being.

The injury update from Valley Ranch comes in and it’s not pretty! RB DeMarco Murray has suffered from a fractured ankle and unfortunately is out for the rest of the season. Saftey Barry Church lands on the IR as well with a shoulder injury. In lieu of these injuries, the Cowboys have signed Sammy Morris and give him another chance after his run with the Patriots last year. QB Jon Kitna is thinking about retirement after a tough back injury puts him on the IR list as well. Kicker David Buehler has hip surgery so the Cowboys will need to rely on the rook, Dan Bailey. Finally, Phil Costa hasn’t and won’t be in practice until he passes a series of concussion tests after finding himself on the bench early during Sunday’s game.

Finally, the guys look ahead to Saturday night as the Cowboys face off against the Tampa Bay Buccs. It should be an easy W for the boys in blue, but if we’ve learned anything this year from other teams, its do not underestimate anyone! A few teams have fallen victim to its temptation where the heavily favored team looses to the underdog that was taken lightly- think SF @ ARI, DAL @ ARI, and BAL @ SEA, just to name a couple. This is the game for Rob Ryan to prove his worth as the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys. When you score 34 points, you should WIN the game!