How cool is 9-1? It is great no matter how you look at it. The guys look at the very important win over the Cardinals 23-07 and what came of it. Quarterback, John Skelton learned that after 3 picks the Cardinals were willing to take a look at… Richard Bartel. Who’s that, apparently someone Ken Wisenhunt liked better than Skelton.

Mad props go out to Vernon Davis as his TD reception led him past Brent Jones for most TD catches by any 49ers TE. Very positive was that the game was lopsided enough that the team was able to rest Frank Gore and Kendal Hunter so they are ready for the short week. Defense continues to dominate as the team is averaging a sick 14.5 points per game!

Injury report and a suspension update from 4949 Centennial Boulevard. Seems clear that WR, Braylon Edwards is not at the top of his game. Good thing the rest of the wide-outs are doing great. Dashon Goldson got tossed in Sunday’s game for fighting, Cardinals came right at his spot, and scored their only points mid-way through 4th quarter. Good news is that the League will not suspend Goldson for the big game on Thanksgiving.

That brings us to the Sibling Rivalry or HarBowl on Thanksgiving night on NFL Network. The 9-1 49ers vs 7-3 Ravens in Baltimore. Though Jim is not happy about traveling across country on a very short week, he should be happy that Baltimore is expected to be without All-Stud defender Ray Lewis on the short week. Both teams are going to be playing hard for their respective Harbuagh and the 49ers must take care not to lose their cool as they have done in their past two games. Steven likes the Niners to win by a hair and Jeff thinks it will be too much.