Cowboys are busily strutting around and showing all who will take notice just how good they can be. After a through 44-7 beat down of the Buffalo Bills in Week 10, the Boys are again feeling good about themselves. This was just the kind of win that could kick-start the Cowboys push to the playoffs. DeMarco Murray once again showcased his remarkable rookie-of-the-year skills while the much traveled, Laurent Robinson might just be the 3rd wide-out needed.

Inexplicably to Steven, DeMarcus Ware has been fined $15,000 for roughing the passer in Sunday’s win. The hit did not seem to be all that violent of a hit. Steven’s not even sure he hit the helmet. Jeff asks those who dole out the fines to remember that the game is not played at super slow-mo.

The Injury Update from Valley Ranch brings good news. RB Felix Jones is back at practice and looks to play in the game, though not as a starter. Jeff defends the decision to take Murray over Jones as the starting tail-back. WR Miles Austin still sits out with his hamstring injury. LB Sean (thumper) Lee will continue to play with a cast on his hand.

Looking ahead to the Washington Redskins at 3-6 has the guys terribly optimistic. Sure the Redskins would love to play spoiler for Cowboys playoff run, and their defense held the Cowboys without a TD last time they played. This is a retooled team with more weapons from last time and the guys see a big win in the immediate future.