Philadelphia Head Coach, Andy Reid’s future with the Eagles is now being questioned by the highest levels. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell says Reid is gone if the Eagles do not win out. Rendell did put a caveat on his statement. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Rendell said, “I think he will resign. I don’t think they will fire him.” Jeff thinks the former Governor is correct that Coach Reid will certainly step down, not due to the fiasco of the dream team gone wrong, but because losing hurts more than winning feels good and Reid is sick of losing. Steven thinks Reid should be allowed to do what he wants because of a history which makes him among the top coaches in the League.

Next, the guys play every NFL fan’s favorite game, Which is More Likely to Happen? Okay it is a made up game, but they pose the question: 16-0 or 0-16? Which is more likely the Indianapolis Colts go winless or the Green Bay Packers don’t lose in the regular season? Jeff says both happen and Steven says neither. Hear why.

Jets go old school in preparing for the youngster, Tim Tebow and his style of play for Thursday Night Football on NFL Network. When we say old school, we mean OLD school. The New York Jets have asked back-up quarterback, Mark Brunell to play the role of Tebow for Jets practices in preparation for the match-up with the Denver Broncos. Other than being a lefty, not sure the 41-year old has anything in common with Tebow. Sure he used to be a mobile quarterback, but that was 15 years ago!