Week 4 is here and the guys are starting to feel pretty strong about their picks. Last week Jeff was 11-5 followed closely by Steven who came in at 10-6. This week, they both look to get over double digit wins again.

Once again, the guys differ on four games. Hear them discuss why each of their picks is the right one. Jeff picks four home teams that Steven sees losing. Jeff also selects the Challenge Game as Steven feels the Colts are due for their first win of the season, while Jeff is still feeling the “Youngry” Buccaneers.

The guys are still alive in the survivor pool and this week they agree again. Both of them have picked the Packers to beat take care of the Broncos in Green Bay. They hate to pick another potential playoff team, but they advise you to make the safe pick. Finally the guys tease their Most Dumbest Wager Line of the Week for those who live in areas where gambling on sports is permitted. Hit the website: http://www.nflrandr.com to get their two locks.