The guys look ahead to the tastiest match-ups of week 2. This season is proving so fascinating that Jeff is looking forward to the Raiders @ Bills! How long has it been since something like that has happened. Next they get to the marquee match-ups: Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints and think about the impact Brian Urlacher‘s teammates will make, Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins will show us if Chad Henne is a “white Michael Vick” like Brandon Marshall suggests, San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots was a hot enough game without Tom Brady getting in a little bit of hot water by suggesting fans “start drinking early”.

Special attention is given to Michael Vick‘s return to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Alge Crumpler thinks there will be a sea of green and red reminding him of Christmas. Jeff sings a little ditty to annoy Steven and then the two get down to some serious analysis of the match.

The Raiders make a unique request of the NFL. They would like Sebastian Janikowski‘s record tying 63 yard FG to be recorded as 64 yards so he can be the sole record holder… only the Raiders.

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