– made available 8/09/2011
– 1st blooper reel made on 5/20/2011

These videos are going to become a weekly blooper reel for show donors only. Steven and Jeff are being well, Steven and Jeff throughout these videos. Usually that means they are being crazy during the filming of their new vidcasts! Hopefully these reels will make you laugh

Steven and Jeff want you to see that not everything is as clean and crisp as their videos make it out to be. The guys always have some sort of moment, either while filming the shows or just before filiming. Whether it be Steven laughing or trying out a dance move to Jeff just being goofy, here is Blooper Reel No. 1. Enjoy.

NOTE: Please be patient as the video will buffer for 35 seconds before playing. Thanks!

[pro-player bufferlength=35 width=480 height=286 image=’http://www.nflrandr.com/images/preview.png’]http://www.nflrandr.com/videos/bloopers/b001.mp4[/pro-player]