What do I want? And more importantly, why should anyone care? The folks representing both sides of the current NFL labor dispute should care a great deal about what I want. Who am I? No one famous or dangerous here; just a fan of the NFL. Why then should they care about one fan? That’s my point entirely. I think I’m quite common and ordinary. I think I’m a lot like you. And if I’m correct in my assessment and I am like you, then these parties better get their act together fast!

This lock-out has taken a dagger to my greatest passion. In the land of unintended consequence I have been forced to reconsider how I spend my free-time. Other passions once significant in my life are now creeping back in to fill the void which used to be NFL year round. Problem for them is, I think I like the change. Unless something dramatically unexpected occurs very soon, we could see permanent shifts in the behaviors for those of us who have filled every moment with the NFL.

With that threat clearly placed on the table, I am left to ponder aloud, what do I want? Hmmm. An 18 game season? Not interested. I like the 16 game season. How about additional revenue set aside for stadium maintenance? Nope. Couldn’t care less and this comes from someone who lives in the state with the ugliest facilities in the NFL; Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco. These stadiums are holes in the truest sense of the word, but I don’t think the average fan cares. NFL games are fun regardless of how unattractive the facilities are. What do I really want? Well, speaking of stadiums in California, how bout a team in L.A.? Now THAT I’d like.

Do I care about an increase in medical coverage for veterans? Sure if they have served in the military. NFL veterans, far, far less. Do you see where I’m going here? There is a disconnect between the owners/players and the fans. There exists a chasm between what we want and what they want. There is virtually NOTHING substantive WE care about.

I want to buy an authentic NFL jersey for a lot of money ($59) rather than a ridiculous amount of money ($149). I would like to be able to TAKE MY FAMILY TO A GAME once a season without incurring massive debt. I want players to believe that getting paid to play professional football is a privilege and as such should be punished severely if they behave like schmucks off the field. While we’re talking about conduct, I want owners to spend most of their money trying to make their team better. I want accountability.

What do I want? I want millionaire players and billionaire owners to figure out a way to share nine billion dollars so that I can watch football again. I want assurance that my friends and I will be able to play fantasy football this year. Sure it’s a bit geeky, but we have fun and the same group of us have been playing together for a long time. I want the community of the weekly office pool.

I had hope of someday becoming a season ticket holder. This has always worried me though because most season ticket holders I speak with are angry about “Personal Seat License” fees and parking that cost more a tank of gas. They also resent having to pay full price for two pre-season games.

The whole house of cards that is the NFL will come crumbling down if I get too much time to ponder how little the owners and professional athletes give a damn about me and my world. I am the one who provides ALL the money they now battle over. I freely give this money despite understanding full-well that I am not taken seriously. Up until now, my love of for game has trumped the blatant insult.

I have no plans to strike, walk-out, or boycott games. Not yet… Just PLEASE STOP PUSHING ME! Stop the bickering, name calling, accusing, and snide remarks and get back to work! I go to work every day with little complaining for much less money. Is it possible that fans are more resilient than those making the big bucks? Hmm, I’ll have to consult with my legal team… oh, wait, I don’t have a legal team. I’m just a fan.