Apparently it is now vogue to use social media for ultra important communication. A few weeks ago Vince Young, now former starting quarterback of the Tennessee Titans, tweeted his head coach, Jeff Fischer an apology (not exceeding 140 characters) for throwing his equipment into the stands and walking out on the team. Today, not to be outdone, the Denver Broncos tweeted: “Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen has relieved Josh McDaniels of his head coaching duties. Details to follow on” How’s that for an environmentally friendly way to announce the firing of a head coach? One of the most historic and proud NFL organizations does not even bother to hold a press conference? For more information on the firing of Coach McDaniels, head over to the team’s website. For frustrated fans with questions we suggest you use your iPhone 4’s Face Time video chat feature with Bowlen… if you have his mobile number.

It has been clear since the days leading up to the firing of former head coach, Mike Shanahan that this once admired Denver Broncos organization has lost its way. There was a time that many organizations tried to emulate the Broncos way. Their ability to draft well and make the playoffs year after year was something exceptional. But now, one week removed from an interview with AOL Fan House where Bowlen stated: “I’m very happy with Josh. Josh is doing a good job.” And later in the interview stating McDaniels would be his head coach through next season. Not sure what made the 66 year old Bowlen change his mind, but he is now owner of an organization which is adrift amidst controversy, chaos, and the salaries of two former coaches through the 2011 seasons. This 3-9 team is a perfect symbol of how far the mighty have fallen. The once proud have slipped to the level of punch-line.

Though the decision to fire McDaniels surprises few, the timing is what many find curious. It was expected that immediately following the recent video taping scandal that Bowlen would jump at the opportunity to release the underachieving 34 year old head coach. Since coming in and alienating his quarterback and a record setting wide receiver, McDaniels has managed just an 11-17 record. It was theorized that McDaniels salary obligations could be jettisoned along with him since the video scandal which took place under his management were egregious violations of league policies. Instead a misguided vote of confidence results in another Denver Broncos train wreck.

Ever since McDaniels was hired following the 2008 season controversy, distractions, poor decisions, and losses have mounted. Poor handling of free agents, current players, and draft miss-management has removed the remaining luster from this once revered organization. McDaniels was brought in as the youngest head coach in the NFL, but his pedigree having been a disciple of New England Patriots legend, Bill Belichick was to make the age issue moot. McDaniels was given unprecedented control of the Broncos. Do not forget that Shanahan’s firing was the result of his adamant refusal to dismiss his offensive coordinator.

The defining moment of the Josh McDaniels era is best illustrated this off-season. In the middle of March, McDaniels trades fullback, Peyton Hillis to the Cleveland Browns for underwhelming quarterback, Brady Quinn. A few weeks later at the NFL draft, McDaniels trades way-way up to take a quarterback most General Managers did not project prior to the fourth round. In drafting Tim Tebow and trading away many future draft picks in that acquisition, McDaniels added a project player to a quarterback mix that was considered mediocre at best. By-the-way, Hillis has gone on to have a one-thousand yard season for the Browns through just 12 games.

For Broncos fans these are days to reflect quietly and somehow survive. For NFL fans it is a time to ponder. How can a sinking ship be saved? Having traded away so many future draft picks makes difficult adding players via the draft. The money being paid to two former coaches makes getting a top flight head coach (and General Manager) darn near impossible and seriously carves into a teams ability to sign top free agents. The fact is it will likely be many seasons before the Denver Broncos can again ride atop the mountain of NFL relevancy.