After just two weeks of football several NFL teams have seen enough of their starting quarterbacks and have made the decision to send those starters to the bench. Here is a breakdown of which teams made a switch at QB and which players are getting a shot to guide their team.

Buffalo Bills QBs

Buffalo Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick replaces Trent Edwards
I am not sure what Chan Gailey could have possibly seen in the first two weeks of play that would have prompted this change from Edwards to Fitzpatrick.

Has Edwards actually had a fair shot? Thus far, Edwards has played against two of the top five defenses in the league. In Week 1 against the Dolphins (#5 overall defense), Edwards went completed 18 of 34 passes for 139 yards and 1 TD with no INTs. Last week against the packers (#3 overall defense), he completed 11 of 18 for 102 yards and 0 TDs with 2 INTs.

While those numbers are not great, he was running for his life in both games and was sacked seven times. Fitzpatrick will fare no better if the Bills offensive line does not improve and the Bills will find themselves going back to Edwards or giving third year man Brian Brohm a shot.

Carolina Panthers QBs

Carolina Panthers: Jimmy Clausen in for Matt Moore
Head coach John Fox might be doing the Panthers a favor by making this move. Everyone speculates that this is Fox’s final season as head coach in Carolina and he might help the team one last time as he shows them what they have in Jimmy Clausen.

Moore dug his own grave throwing four interceptions in two games and his poor outings at home against Tampa Bay was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Moore only completed 37.5 percent of his passes at home and it probably did not help that he took eight sacks in two games as well.

Clausen who was drafted in the 2nd round, 48th overall, of the 2010 draft now has a chance to show Carolina that he was worthy of that pick. If he can manage the offense and get them to score more points, this could be his team for a very long time.

Oakland Raiders QBs

Oakland Raiders QBs

Oakland Raiders: Bruce Gradkowski replacing Jason Campbell
At an NFL event in Los Angeles this past summer, Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask was asked why they traded for Jason Campbell but did not pull the trigger earlier on a trade for Donovan McNabb. Trask said they were never interested in McNabb and felt Campbell was the better of the two QBs. Yet after just six quarters of play, as Campbell was benched in the second half of the Raiders second game in favor of Gradkowski, the Raiders were quick to make a switch at QB.

Has there ever been another quarterback in the league that has received as rotten a deal as Campbell? Poor guy has never had the same offensive system longer than a year and he finally gets out of Washington and it appears he is going to have a chance to build something and poof, just like that the QB job gets pulled out from under him after just six quarters of play.

Gradkowski has been nothing more than a stop gap in his career having played with three different teams in his five short years in the NFL. The Raiders are fooling themselves they feel he will fare any different than he has in the past. If Gradkowski was so spectacular since he was on the Raiders roster last season, why did they trade for Jason Campbell in the first place? Typical of the Raiders organization.

Philadelphia Eagles QBs

Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick replaces Kevin Kolb

Of all the quarterback changes in the first two weeks of the season, this is the one that one, I like most and two, makes the most sense.

I am not a big fan of a player losing his job due to injury. It wasn’t Kolb’s fault he got concussed in Week 1 of the season. However Kolb never really made sense to me to begin with. I never thought the Eagles should have traded away Donovan McNabb to give Kolb the start because in my eyes not only was Kolb not ready to be a full time starter, I felt he was not a franchise type starting quarterback.

Quarterbacks from the University of Houston have never succeeded in the NFL. Andre Ware, David Klingler and Chuck Clements were all spectacular in college and duds in the National Football League. Kolb is from the same mold. He’s got a strong arm and great mobility, but he lacks the true leadership that is a requirement for NFL quarterbacks.

Michael Vick committed atrocious acts off the field and he did his time and paid his debt to society. Now it is time to let him do what he has always done best, which is play quarterback in the NFL. Andy Reid saw that the superstar that was Mike Vick has reemerged and he made the tough decision that most other coaches could not make. I expect Vick to take this opportunity by the reigns and be successful with his second chance.