The Good
The NFL and American Football in Mexico!
At NFL Rants and Raves – Bringing American Football to the World is not just a catch phrase, it is our mission. So it was great to see Fútbol Americano take flight outside of the United States.

From the moment Cardinals safety Robert Griffen came screaming onto the field carrying and waving a Mexican flag, you knew it was on! The 103,467 fans that filled Estadio Azteca jumped to their feet and went loco! This was easily the largest crowd ever to see a regular season NFL game.

El juego fútbol americano con los Cuarenta nueves de San Francisco contra los Cardinales de Arizona. American football with the San Francisco 49ers versus the Arizona Cardinals was a such a successful venture, that commissioner Paul Tagliabue is ready to convince each team to give up one home game in the future to have regular season games played all over the world. Places such as China, Japan, Canada and Western Europe.

“The emotion that I feel most is pride. My sense is that’s the way the fans here in Mexico feel. It’s a moment for great pride…”
– Commissioner Paul Tagliabue

As far as the game went, Arizona spotted the 49ers a 14 point lead by coughing up 2 fumbles that were both returned for touchdowns by the 49er defense. However, that would be all the scoring the 49ers would have as the Cardinals scored 31 straight unanswered points to win the game 31-14.

The Bad
Cadillac gets a flat.
Cadillac Williams is held in check gaining only 13 yards on 11 carries. But there is a bigger concern for the Bucs. Caddy got a flat as he injured his hamstring and was limited in play giving way to Pittman later in the game. Now the Buccaneers are saying that Williams might not be available for Week 5 against the New York Jets.

This injury hurts the Buccaneers who are a perfect 4-0 to start the season. With Tampa Bay not scheduled for a bye week until Week 7, and games coming up against the Jets and Dolphins two solid defenses, will the Bucs put Cadillac on the field not being 100%.

The Ugly
The NFC North is just plain bad.
Once again all the teams in the NFC North lost. Yes I know that Chicago was on a bye, but they lose by virtue of being in such a weak division. The Lions lose to Tampa Bay, the Vikings get sloppy again and lost to Atlanta and although the Packers rallied to make a game of it, they lost to Carolina on Monday night.

That leaves the NFC North teams with a combined record of 3-11. Don’t kid yourself folks, the North division winner might not have a winning record!