Episode 14.12, the NFL Week 11 Show.
Airdate: Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

WEEEE are back in action after battling the injury bug! Thank you for sticking with us. Steven cannot believe that the season is half way over. Yes, it makes him sad. The guys have a fun time coming back so they give you a super sized show.

The NFL is no longer going to Mexico, and the guys discuss why the Chiefs vs Rams game was moved back to L.A. Le’Veon Bell does not show up to the Steelers and although Steven agrees with what Le’Veon is doing, he is happy he does not have to talk about him anymore. As a matter of fact, Steven and Steve agree not to talk about Bell ever again, well at least until next season and a team pays him big bucks!

Finally, the first time Steven picks against the Cowboys – THEY WIN!!! Such is life. However Steven’s NFL LOCKS hit 8-2 and he gives you another dog that is going to win outright.

Enjoy the show!