Episode 12.03, PreSeason Week 1 Show.

Hard Knocks kicks off this season and Steven talks HBO has a knack for showing the brutal reality for players in the NFL. Steven also takes a look a the ESPN poll listing the NFL Quarterback Tier Rankings. He thinks it’s a little crazy, especially where they place second year QBs.

Good friend of the show, Sky Sports News’ Richard Graves. joins Steven to discuss the Hall of Fame Game cancellation and both guys talk preseason games and if any are worth watching. Plus Steven examines Joey Bosa’s mother putting a verbal smack down on the San Diego Chargers and Steven thinks its time both sides stop messing around. Finally Josh Norman getting a job with Fox makes Steven rant on Norman’s inability to communicate with his coach and team and networks utilizing players that are still playing in the league.

New Executive Producer segment:
Steven takes a look at the QB battle and strong Offensive Line in San Francisco. Whaaaat? Steven comes up with a new QB name for 49ers, Gabbernick!

Many Thanks go out to Executive Producer, Jeremy Parker. Thanks for always supporting the show!

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