With the regular season less than six days away, the guys bring you their predictions for the 2012 NFL season. First, in NFL News, the guys discuss the NFL trade deadline being pushed back to Week 8, the replacement refs getting the nod to start Week 1, Mathias Kiwanuka taking a shot at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill not knowing which teams are in the NFL’s eight divisions.

Besides giving their wins and losses for each team in the league, the guys also predict the division winners, the wild card teams, the Championship Game matchups and winners and their Super Bowl prediction matchup and game winner. Steven likes a particular state to be represented in the big game, while Jeff goes off the board with a unique and intriguing Super Bowl 47 matchup.

Jeff also reveals the NFL team that will gain his support this season. You all might be surprised who it is and why Jeff has chosen this team. Plus Jeff teases Steven about what his punishment will consist of this season but will not say what it is.