The guys start the show by discussing some fantasy football. If you need a league, come out and join one of theirs at

In NFL News, the guys talk about Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys, not happy with Dez Bryant, the Jets camp already in full blown disarray as WR Antonio Cromartie say he is the 2nd best wide receiver on the team while fellow teammate Chaz Schilens sees this as a slight. Jeff says it is a possibility while Steven says it is possible, like Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster. Finally, the guys talk about Dolphins WR Chad Johnson, and whether he is the best WR on the team.

In the AFC West, the guys feel the division is wide open but Steven feels that QB Peyton Manning will help the Broncos improve on last year. The Chargers have some questions at the receiver position and the Chiefs will try to stay healthy this year, leaving the Oakland Raiders as the dark horse in the division as many like what is coming out of Raider Nation. Still, this division will remain up for grabs late into the season.