After a long hiatus, the guys return with an NFL news show. The guys spend half the show discussing the current string of “Good Ole Boys” that includes Jaguars rookie WR Justin Blackmon, the Lions Nick Fairley and Vikings FB Jerome Felton. All three players were arrested for DUIs and Blackmon’s is his second offense as he tested in at .24, way over the .08 legal limit.

Steven says all these players will be suspended by commissioner Roger Goodell. The guys also talk about the Seahawks getting docked 2 OTAs because they were running practices with players hitting each other and with Jeff’s visit to the San Diego Chargers OTAs, this was very interesting news to Jeff.

Finally the guys talk about some other news including the Dolphins winning something, being on Hard Knocks, which Steven says will be extremely boring with the exception of possibly having a Lauren Tannehill sighting.