The Coaching Carousel comes to an abrupt halt as the ride stops for the season. There were two spots left and two spots filled. The first lucky winner is Greg Schiano to go to Tampa Bay. Let’s be real though, the guys expected a bit more out of the Buccs. Their taking a 45 year old who has never coached an NFL team, a .500 Purdue coach, but hopefully he can pull of something crazy this coming season. Second is Ravens Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano to take the HC job at Indy. He said its hard to leave the Ravens, but it will be a good opportunity.

According to Coach Belichick, TE Rob Gronkowski isn’t practicing due to an injury. He’s been walking around in the facility in a walking boot, but the guys have Coach Belichick on the show to explain it a bit more!

Tasty waves and bodacious football this weekend in Hawaii! The Pro Bowl comes to Honolulu, are you ready? Are you even interested? Some other things to do this weekend include, but are not limited to:

-Watching the Pro Bowl
-Changing your oil
-Shaving your cat
-Sitting on an airplane

Take you pick, they all sound equally exciting to the guys!