Jerome Simpson gets even higher than with his spectacular catch this past season. He was indicted for drug trafficking which is classified as having over 8oz. but under 5lbs, so basically more than personal consumption, but less than Sam Hurd. He will face felony punishment with between 1-5 years in prison. The indictment comes about 4 months after authorities confiscated a package with 2.5 pounds of marijuana that had been shipped from Northern California to his home in Kentucky.

Today, the guys have on Ravens NT Terrence Cody! He answers some questions about this weekends game against the New England Patriots regarding double teams, pass rushing, and confidence about their unstoppable offense.

Giants VP of Player Evaluation, Chris Mara, has missed his first game in over 40 years. He was absent from this weeks game against the Packers to see his daughter, Rooney Mara, in Hollywood as she was nominated for a best actress award for her star role in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Someone asked Chris about it and he simply said, “This isn’t exactly a piano recital.”

Micro Celebrity of the Day wants to know… about the weather. Sean Wilson asks on Facebook, “With the weather expected to be bad in San Francisco, who will benefit from the poor conditions?” Tune in to find out what the guys think!