AP, AD has AY to heal from ACL and MCL before NY. No, the guys aren’t texting this, it’s just all of Adrian Petersons abbreviations! Translation: Adrian “All Day” Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings has torn his ACL with damage to his MCL this past holiday weekend. Club officials claim he’ll be A – OK before week 1 next season, but taking a look at a similar injury on Wes Welker, it took 7 1/2 months to heal. AP’s gotta do it in 6 1/2 if he wants to start week 1. Time will tell.

It’s Monday, and you know what that means! This week will be riveting as 2 playoff teams, the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints, will compete to finish off week 16. Since the Bears fell to the Packers last night, the Falcons have guarantee their Wild Card spot. Now the Saints must win to grab the #2 seed. The Cowboys will also face off against the NYG to hopefully claim their spot as well.

Best touch down ever? This time, it’s not even the dance that’s got peoples attention! Hat tip to Bengals WR Jerome Simpson who leapt from the 2 yd line and front-flipped over AZ linebacker Daryl Washington. He traveled a whole 5 yards in that stunt that resulted in a very much legal touchdown for the Bengals. Maybe the NFL is going to start drafting gymnasts in the NFL as wide receivers.

Finally, Aaron Rodgers continues to prove why he should have the MVP award this year. It’s a tough race between Brees and Rodgers. Both candidates have showed exemplary skills. Brees smashing numerous records and percentages, but Rodgers leading his team to a near perfect record. It’s anyones guess, but stay tuned to each player and decide for yourself