James Harrison gets heated when he finds out that the Cleveland Browns will not be punished by the NFL for the handling of QB Colt McCoy’s concussion. Harrison did the crime and did the time, but feels left out alone in the rain. Should it not be the Brown’s fault for putting Colt back into play before fully checking him out? The crazy thing? Gun Safety Jeff seems to agree while Steven thinks he should suck it up and play some ball.

Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com suggests something quite unconventional regarding Drew Bree’s passing record. Since Brees is in a position to viably pass Dan Marino’s passing yard record, Freeman suggests that an asterisk should be added next to his name in the record books because “the rules regarding the passing defense have lightened up.” Not only do modern players get less practice and no off season, but Brees has a better completion percentage than Dan Marino. Go cover baseball if you want asterisks!

TGIT! This Thursday’s night football matchup is the Houston Texans at the Indianapolis Colts. If the Colts win, they’ll be turning their streaks around from losing to winning! We’ll see if they can pull off their second win of the season. WR Reggie Wayne feels this might be his last game as a Colt before he becomes a free agent.

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