Journey wasn’t just a band, they were prophets! Candlestick Park suffered from not ONE, but TWO power outages last night. While a little startling, city engineers fixed the blown transformers within about 15 minutes. Early in the second quarter, the lights took a rest again, but were again restored quickly and the 49’ers were able to finish their 20-3 blowout, leaving Ben Roethlisberger to limp his way out of the stadium.

It’s the final word that Peyton Manning will not be practicing with the Colts for the rest of the season which means he will not play in any of the two remaining games. GM Bill Polian wasn’t pleased that NFL Network said Peyton might play. In the mean time, Peyton will continue his rehab and practice throwing balls.

The Super Bowl is making a giant step in the technology world. This year, Super Bowl 46 will be streamed live on the web and through Verizon’s mobile phones via the NFL app. The NFL’s media department hopes to cater to those out getting chips and dip or beverages of interest during the game.

Jeff’s MOST POWERFUL RANKINGS are up! Although loosing the Broncos are still in the top ten and the Packers no longer hold the title of Gold Medal exclusively. Be sure to check out the site and facebook for more info!