After returning home after a loss to the Cardinals, the 49’ers realize they need to be on point of their game if they want to keep up in this now 5 team, 10-3, race. The guys think the 49’ers went into the game hot headed, confident and therefor lax in the effort department. Now that they lost, they are competing with the Saints who hold the exact same record of 10-3 in order to land the #2 spot in the NFC, only trailing the undefeated Green Bay Packers. Get yo stuff together, 49’ers!

Fresh off the press at 4949 Centennial Boulevard is the latest injury report! Unsurprisingly, Frank Gore is suffering from the end-of-the-season wear and tear that any high powered back of his capacity would. Although temporarily out, the goal is to have him back in action in time for playoffs. LB Patrick Willis sat out this past Sunday against the Cardinals due to a right hamstring strain, but should be good to go Monday night against the Steelers. Finally, LT Joe Staley suffered from a concussion on the first play, but Harbaugh threw him back into pla– Oh wait, we aren’t talking about the Browns here!

Monday Night Football! The guys are pumped up, and you should be too! If you’re not planning on watching it, you better have a good excuse! The 10-3 49’ers host the 10-3 Steelers for a iron-fisted tie-breaker game. If the Steelers win, they grab themselves a playoff spot, but they will have to all be on their A game since James Harrison landed himself in hot water after he “LOL’s” at the Commissioner’s decision to suspend him for 1 game.

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