The guys recap this week’s Tebow Updates with a quick montage highlighting the sometimes questionable stories the media reports on.

On Monday, Tebow was able to speak with Blake Appleton who has Leukemia and told Mr. King he wants to show his support and make sure Blake knows he has people behind him. How can you hate Tebow for that?

Tuesday’s report leave a different taste, literally. Although without granola, He may have eaten his very own cereal– Tebo’s, made with stones, steel, and crushed linebacker bones. Jeff introduces his most POWERFUL rankings with the Denver Broncos at #10. The crazy thing? No one else has him lower!

Wednesday reveals Steven’s hunger for some Tebo’s and Jeff reports that Tebow got a solid night of sleep and is practicing hard with his team. On a more serious note, Steven claims the Bronco’s spread-option offence will ignite like wildfire throughout the NFL.

Friday brings morbid news, stating that Tebow has indeed cut his tooth brushing time by about 15 seconds (or at least Jeff claims he has). Who knows how this will effect his game and teammates? Only time will tell…