Happy Christmas from the guys! Jeff and Steven talk about the very close three-way race to catch up to the legendary Dan Marino’s 5,084 passing yard record set in 1984. Leading up to now, there are three QB’s that have a chance at catching the elusive 5,100 yard mark. QB Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints currently has 4,031 passing yards and will need to average 264 per game for the remainder of the regular season. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has thrown for 3,916 yards and needs to average 292 yards per game and finally, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers has completed 3,884 passing yards and will need to average 310 yards per game. Analyzing the schedules, the guys predict Drew Brees has the best chance and should DESTROY the record after playing the Titans, Vikings, Falcons, and Panthers over the next 4 weeks.

Archie Manning tooted his horn earlier this week on a radio interview that Luck and Manning would not benefit from being on the same team. He said that Luck is ready to play and will only butt heads with Manning, the Colt’s veteran starting QB. Yesterday, in an attempted apology, Archie changed the tune of his horn from a C to a C. He claimed the two can work fine together, but still insists that Luck will be an immediate starter. Archie, some things are best left alone.

TGIT! Tue– Thursday Night Football is here folks! While not the most exciting matchup of all time, the Terrible Towels face off against the Dawg Pound. Both guys, citing their wild enthusiasm for the game, take the Pittsburg “Terrible Towels” Steelers over the Cleveland “Dawgs” Browns. ’nuff said there.

It’s TEBOW TIME! The guys bring you the latest Tebow Update for Thursday. After an exhaustive day on the field yesterday, Jeff, citing sources as reliable as American cars, claims that Tebow has actually cut his time brushing his teeth from 2 minutes to 1:45. Who knows what effect this will have on his game this weekend? Only time will tell…