The guys get you ready for the 16 games of Week 14 and only differ on three games. Steven asks Jeff if he is starting to get nervous about the Challenge Game with back to back losses, but Jeff is still feeling pretty good about his position.

In NFL News, Steven asks Archie Manning to stop meddling with the Colts and Peyton Manning. Archie has come out and said that neither Peyton nor Andrew Luck will be happy if the Colts draft Luck with the No. 1 pick. Steven says Archie already meddled for Eli, but he needs to leave the Colts alone regarding Peyton.

Brett Favre releases a statement on his website saying he is done with the NFL and does not have any plans to come out of retirement. Furthermore, he has not contacted any teams and NO teams have contacted him so just leave him be. The guys agree it is time to let sleeping dogs lie and promise to HWMNBN Favre if he is mentioned again in the NFL news cycle. Safety Antrel Rolle says Giants, “Without a doubt. Without a doubt. We will be in that postseason.” To which Steven reminds everyone that Rolle said the same thing last year when late in the season and the Giants failed to make the playoffs last season.

Finally, the guys are only differing on three games this week. NYG @ DAL – NO @ TEN – ATL @ CAR — Jeff is taking all three underdogs in New York, Tennessee and Carolina but Steven urges him to make the Cowboys/Giants game and Jeff obliges. Jeff has the Giants and Steven is sticking with Dallas.