Today we look back at the 49ers 16-6 Thanksgiving loss of the Harbaugh Bowl at the hands of the Ravens. The team kept it close but some uncharacteristic-like penalties cost us a real chance at victory. Most notably the O-Line gave up 9 sacks, a Ravens franchise record for most sacks in one game, and the Niners have not given up that many sacks in 13 years. Incidentally, 10.7 million viewers watched this great game, making it the most watched program in the history of NFL Network.

Our injury updates from 4949 Centennial Boulevard continue to be thankfully brief. Braylon Edwards has come out and said he has nagging shoulder injury, he suffered week 9 vs Redskins. Nothing serious, but it is bothering him.

The guys next take a look at the run to the playoffs. Very simple formula to get in — one more win and the ticket is punched. The remaining schedule is soft due to playing rest of the division. The only exception is a pesky Monday Night game vs. the Steelers and a quick turn-around game on Christmas eve in Seattle. The schedule makers seem determined to making sure Niners earn this playoff berth and a top seed.

Next up is the baaaad Rams in Candlestick Park. No need for Red Out, just show up and watch a well rested Niners team kick the crap out of Rams. Though they say you should never take an opponent lightly — this might be a good time to start. The Rams are so horrible that they sit at second to last in Jeff’s Powerful Rankings. They’d be dead last, but the Manning-less Colts are somehow still in the NFL.