The New York Football Giants are looking a bit smaller after being told what’s what by the boss of the Bay. With the team winning like they haven’t since Mooch and Steve Young were together a decade ago the right kind of fight was shown on the field as the San Francisco 49ers beat those Giants 27-20. To top it all off they did it without Frank Gore. Rushing for zero yards on six carries, Gore was limited with a knee bruise to accompany his already gimpy ankle. Alex Smith stepped up in a significant way delivering surgical strikes and keeping drives alive. The defense came up big in several spots throughout the game. Most notably Justin Smith sealed the win by batting down an Eli Manning pass on 4th and 2 from the 49ers 10-yard line.

In Monday’s press conference, Jim Harbaugh continued to talk down the team to keep them grounded and tried to deflect the week’s press interest onto his assistant coaches, claiming all of them could be NFL head coaches. You know your team is kick-ass when people talk about pilfering your coaching staff. Offensive Coordinator, Greg Roman and Defensive Coordinator, Vick Fangio, who both joined Harbaugh from Stanford got much love as did Special Teams Coordinator, Brad Seely, who has three Super Bowl rings as a member of the New England Patriots staff.

In the weekly injury update from 4949 Centennial Boulevard, Frank Gore is the most concerning player with a knee bruise and sprained ankle. It is looking more and more likely that he will be fine. Comcast Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco says it looks like Frank has grown-up a bit and was willing to accept sitting in Sunday’s game, recognizing the importance of being healthy down the road. Kendal Hunter was given the ball more, and more was asked of Alex Smith. Alex responded well, and the team is getting healthier by the day.

Try not to laugh out loud, but the 3-6 Arizona Cardinals are coming to town. Though they come in riding a two game winning streak. You know your team is bad when no matter whom you start at QB, the Vegas line does not move. Kevin Kolb is doubtful so John Skelton is likely to start, but the result should be the same. On paper, this should be an easy win for the 49ers, however they cannot start to take anyone too lightly (just ask the Coach Harbaugh’s brother over in Baltimore how things went in Seattle).