Monday Night Football brings another shocker to complete a weekends worth of upsets. The Chicago Bears held Michael Vick in check and drops the Philadelphia Eagles to 3-5. With a final of 30-24 the Eagles find themselves in the unlikely position of having to go 7-1 in the final 8 games to have a remote chance at the playoffs. A huge win for the Bears and sure they look like a team that will fight until the end. has published a list of top 10 most disliked players in the NFL. It contains some obvious choices and some less obvious ones to the guys. 1) Michael Vick, 2) Plaxico Burress, 3) Ben Roethlisberger, 4) Albert Haynesworth (who was released by the Patriots a mere 15 minutes after filming), 5) Jay Cutler, 6) Chad Ochocinco, 7) Vince Young, 8) Carson Palmer, 9) Tony Romo, and 10) Jeremy Shockey. Jeff defends Vick’s position on the list by using the example of his own dog, which he loves.

Carolina Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera says rookie coaches are “not getting the calls that you would like… I will be honest with you, I feel as a first-year head coach, you’re not getting the calls that you would like.” Rivera may have a point as Carolina is the 4th most penalized team in the league with 8.1 penalties per game. The guys suggest that the league should look into the allegations of a well respected member of the NFL coaching ranks.

Jeff’s week 9 Powerful Rankings are up and Steven has a question for the Powerful one. Why are the Packers still the only gold medal team? What do the 49ers have to do to get some gold medal loving? Jeff defends his unique rankings and you decide if his defense makes any sense.