In Week 6, Jeff looks to take an unprecedented 4 game lead in the Challenge Game. In NFL News, the guys talk about the Eagles denying trying to hire a defensive consultant, namely Eric Mangini. LeBron James take to Twitter to talk with Pete Carroll about entering the NFL and the guys don’t have nice to things to say about that.

In picks, Steven and Jeff differ on five games, and that’s only because Jeff talked Steven out of taking the Cowboys over the Patriots. In the games they differ on, Steven takes the Eagles in the Challenge Game again, this time saying they will beat the Redskins with ease. In El Juego Grande Estupendo de la Semana, the guys agree to disagree on the 49ers/Lions game. Jeff takes the Lions, while Steven takes the 49ers to hand the Lions their first loss of the season.

Plus, the guys talk about being on the plus side with their Locks, last week getting the over correctly on the Bills/Eagles game.