The guys get you ready for the start of bye weeks with a Week 5 Preview. In NFL news, the guys talk about the NFL allowing 5,000 fans to attend Super Bowl Medial Day, Brett Favre wondering what took Aaron Rodgers so long to win a Super Bowl, Rodgers pointing the finger at the NFL in Johnny Jolly‘s case, LeBron James thinking about playing football and Michael Vick asks that the “Dream Team” label be dropped from the Eagles.

With the Ravens, Browns, Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams and Redskins all on bye weeks, the guys only have 13 games to talk about and thus comes the breaking out of the games into categories. This week, since the guys are heading to Atlanta for the game, they make Green Bay at Atlanta “El Jeugo Grande Estupendo de la Semana.” They call on their friends in Atlanta to let them know what to do in the city.

Steven and Jeff only differ on two games, so facing a 3-1 deficit, Steven takes the Eagles over the Bills to be the Challenge Game. Steven feels the Eagles will unleash their frustrations on the Bills, while Jeff thinks the Bills will win at home.