An ugly Monday night game was made more ugly by a few strange on field incidents. The first has Steven coming unglued at some Giants players who decided they needed a little rest and decided that they would do some flopping. If it is good enough for the rest of the worlds football then why not the NFL? They guys tell you why.

Been a long time, but we have a good ole boy! Minnesota Vikings, safety, Tyrell Johnson was booked in Hennepin County at 3:15 A.M. for 4th degree DWI. It is speculated that he was trying to drown his sorrows after dropping huge INT that would have likely handed the Vikings their first W of the season. Since the guys do not have any footage of the pick, Jeff throws together an artists rendition of the play which shows true artistic promise.

Dunta Robinson gets slapped for his hit on Jeremy Macclin in the Sunday night game. Being his 2nd offense, the league letter featuring a fine of 40k included this warning: “future offenses will result in an escalation of fines up to and including suspension.” Dunta is walking on thin ice with the league and should strongly consider dialing it back just a touch.

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