The guys are back from a mini hiatus from covering the end of some training camps to catch the first few games of the preseason. Football is back, and it’s back for 10 uninterrupted seasons. Steven and Jeff talk about the Giants crying over sour grapes as WR Steve Smith signs with the Eagles.

The guys say good-bye to Brett Favre as Steven says Brett doesn’t have to worry because Steven will always speak about the great times and not his final seasons. Another kicker becomes a Good Ole Boy, as Denver’s Matt Prater got arrested earlier this month on charges of allegedly driving drunk and leaving the scene of an accident. Seriously?

Plus they discuss the situation in Buffalo, as the Bills trade away WR Lee Evans for a 4th round pick to the Baltimore Ravens. Steven rants on the lack of returns due to the new kick-off rule and Jeff rants on the review of every scoring play.

And finally, the guys briefly talk about the four preseason games on Thursday night.