Steven and Jeff cannot contain their excitement as they get ready for Championship Weekend and the Super Bowl. The guys get ready to do their final two shows from L.A. before heading to Dallas for the BIG game. The guys start with some NFL News and discuss the meeting between Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith and Steven is ready to HWMNBN all CBA talk. They also discuss Jim Mora withdrawing from the Eagles and Broncos defensive coordinators jobs, Rob Ryan becoming the Cowboys new defensive coordinator and Tom Brady having a stress fracture in his right foot. Uh-oh did the Patriots say “foot” again?

The guys then focus their attention on the NFC and AFC Championship Games coming up this weekend. Steven has some words for Bears fans and the guys both agree on the outcome of Bears/Packers. Both guys like Aaron Rodgers over Jay Cutler, but find out who has the edge in that game. Then they discuss the Jets heading to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers and Steven tries to change Jeff’s pick saying that Jeff has picked against the Jets twice in the playoffs already and lost both times. Is Jeff going to go against them again?

Listen in to find out what is happening with the Challenge Game. If Jeff agrees with Steven this week, it’s game over. Did they agree or did Jeff go against Steven in one game?