What a weekend of football as both No. 1 seeds get knocked out of the playoffs by No. 6 seeds! Amazing! The guys get right into it and discuss the biggest NFL News to hit this week as Brett Favre files his retirement papers with the NFL after 20 seasons, prompting Steven to say, “Let Favre Watch 2011 begin!” Steven and Jeff also discuss the Raiders hiring Hue Jackson, Patrick Chung taking the blame for botching the fake punt, and the Bears talking smack already as TE Kellen Davis declares that the Bears will beat the Packers and go to the Super Bowl.

The guys then focus their attention on the four Divisional Round games and they loved all of them, except for Steven hating the Bears/Seahawks game. The guys agreed that the Steelers and Packers were superior on Saturday in besting the Ravens and Falcons. What happened to Matt Ryan at home? They also agree that Seattle just did not show up to play the Bears as their 21 points in the 4th quarter was all garbage time junk and with Steven making an 11th hour switch from the Patriots to the Jets, he and Jeff both end the weekend at 3-1.

Jeff picks up a game in the Challenge Game, but needs a correct pick in the AFC or NFC Championship game to ensure the Super Bowl will be needed for the tie. Steven questions his sanity for taking the Seahawks in the Challenge Game and Jeff asks, why must he always make it this Challenge Game thing so close.