With Steven still battling the flu, the guys almost called off the show, but as Steven watched Michael Vick destroy the Redskins, he just had to give it a go. Yes, that is Steven doing the show, you just might not recognize his voice. The guys talk NFL News with Donovan McNabb getting a contract extension prior to the game starting. The guys came up with PTHHDD (Play the hot hand, dumb dumb) as Mike Singletary names Troy Smith the starter for 49ers and Tom Cable names Jason Campbell the starter for Oakland.

The guys talk about the crazy season continuing in the NFL as Jeff suffers his worse week yet managing 5 wins. Steven switched to Cleveland and Dallas and went 50/50 while Jeff’s only change to Houston backfired because of a 50 yard Hail Mary pass that got answered for a TD in Jacksonville. Steven and Jeff discuss all the races in the NFL’s eight divisions and they are all still up for grabs with 25 out of the 32 teams still having shot of winning the division.

The show ends as Steven is the Smartest Man Alive with his pick over of the 49ers over the Rams and just as his voice goes out the show comes to a close.