Steven has come out of the his 102 degree bye week and come to play and the guys take on both a quick recap of Week 6 and a preview of Week 7 together in one show. The guys discuss some of the fallout from some of the big hits from Week 6 and Jeff wants to know when he gets his steak! But first of LONDON, Baby! The guys share plans for London meet-up.

The guys talk NFL News as they discuss the $175,000 in fines dished out by the NFL to James Harrison, Brandon Meriweather and Dunta Robinson for their big hits, the Colts getting “ship all banged up” missing Dallas Clark, Austin Collie and Joseph Addai, the trade deadline, and Jeff does not buy James Harrison’s narcissistic “woe is me, I’m going to retire” nonsense. The guys then briefly recap Week 6 before looking ahead to Week 7.

For the first time ever, the guys agree on all 14 games on the schedule. (of course, after the show, Steven changed two picks and informed Jeff to pick a challenge game) Steven moved off of Atlanta to Cincinnati and off of Pittsburgh to Miami and Jeff made Bengals at Falcons the Challange game. Steven has Cincinnati while Jeff has Atlanta.