Steven and Jeff start out with a look at the Franchise Quarterback Poll Results. It received the largest response out of any RARN poll ever. The guys were surprised that Brett Favre received so few votes and gave your their thoughts as to why many of you left Brett off the list. The poll clearly showed what Jeff said in his article, that many teams in the NFL lack a quality QB. The poll also shows that there are three elite QBs, four our five pretty good QBs and some that are just so-so, and there were even four QBs that did not receive a single vote.

The guys then discuss some of the current news in the NFL like the owners voting for a Super Bowl in the New York/New Jersey market and the guys have plenty to say about that. Jeff even lets the Commish, Roger Goodell get his goat. Other news includes QB Ben Roethlisberger back at practice for the Steelers, Jeremy Shockey’s seizure, and a little debate about the greatest TV or Film character of the past 20 years. Doh!

Finally, the guys go back in time to check out the 2007 NFL Draft. Listen as the Steven and Jeff take a look at 10 teams with the top 10 picks and how they have fared with the players selected in 2007.