Steven and Jeff take some time to discuss some of the NFL News that has happened since the last show. Steven finds trouble with the AP’s re-voting of Defensive Rookie of the Year and somehow Brian Cushing winning it again. The guys also talk about Brett Favre’s decision to not make a decision on having surgery, Jeff and Steven rail at Albert Haynesworth and what are JaMarcus Russell’s plans now that he does not have a team?

The guys discuss NFL player contracts and Jeff is not happy with Texans WR Andre Johnson, while Steven sides with the player and tells you why he sides with the player. The guys talk about RB Chris Johnson looking for a new contract, and they discuss they problem with being upset at a player for missing voluntary work-outs.

Finally, the guys get to the NFC West and a draft recap. Steven and Jeff agree that the Seahawks had a great draft and that the 49ers are looking pretty solid as well. Steven thinks the Rams did very well and that their offense alone will be significantly improved. Jeff likes what the Cardinals did, but is not sure how they will compete for the division having Matt Leinart at the helm.

Plus the guys throw some listeners under the bus. What?