According to NFL PR, the following was sent to all 32 teams:

The NFL informed clubs today that coaches, players and football operations personnel are permitted under league policy and with club permission to use social media on game day during specific time periods before and after games.

League policy allows for the use of social media or networking sites (including Twitter and Facebook) by players, coaches and football operations personnel up to 90 minutes before kickoff and after the game following media interviews. The use of these sites by these individuals is not permitted during the game, including halftime. No updates are permitted to be posted by the individual himself or anyone representing him during this prohibited time on his personal Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account.

So that means there will be no posting on social media/networking sites during games, much to the chagrin of some NFL players, including Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco.

During Episode 5.18, Jeff and I joked that the over/under for Chad Ochocinco getting a fine for tweeting during a game would be the 1st half of the Bengals Week 1 game versus the Denver Broncos. Upon reading the NFL’s social media policy, Ochocinco tweeted the following:

Well there won’t be any tweeting during the game, o well, plan B: anybody have info on how to get in touch with a Mariachi Band?

To which we responded with the following:

Ochocinco taking the news better than we 1st thought.

And that elicited a personal response from Chad himself!

@NFLRandR Mariachi Band Plan is in full effect now, piñata , sombrero and ponchos, viva Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!

In a time when the NFL is turning into the No Fun League, it’s fun to see that some players can still have fun playing the game we love to watch. I will eagerly watch the Bengals games in hopes of catching a glimpse of a sombrero donning, mariachi band dancing Ochocinco.

That is, of course, until the NFL issues a “No mariachi band on the sidelines policy”!