Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune commented in his column today about AJ Smith's comments regarding running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

If you haven't heard, Smith mocked Tomlinson's comments about wishing to stay in San Diego, basically repeating them. Acee, however, feels that it was meant as an insult to Tomlinson's agent, Tom Condon.

Either way you look at it, the only thing Smith's comments did was create rapid speculation on the future of Tomlinson and possibly make LT feel unwelcomed in the Chargers' organization. They should have never been made; hopefully Smith sees this, and never does anything similar again.

Acee, aparently, feels that Smith will actually attempt to show Tomlinson the most respect possible in possibly getting rid of him. His prediction for what will happen is this:

They will in the next few weeks offer Tomlinson a restructured contract. Tomlinson, who over the past five seasons has made $36 million, more than any running back in the league, must then decide what he wants to do. If that contract is acceptable to Tomlinson, he will remain a Charger.

If Tomlinson decides the new contract – perhaps with money deferred, perhaps with bonuses, but nowhere near the $24 million he is due to make over the final three seasons of his current pact – is not good enough, then he will be released.

It seems like a decent guess for what might happen. Trading Tomlinson wouldn't bring back much, a negative for both the team and player.

One thing is pretty much certain: with the level of production LT brings –21st in DYAR – and the high amount he's paid, it would be rather idiotic to keep Tomlinson around with his same contract. Maybe he'll accept a lower, restructured one because of his love for the team and city, but then again, he's clearly a very proud man and may not be willing to accept a paycut. Despite his subpar performance on the field, he would most likely be able to get a solid deal on the open market if he proves to be healthy.