With the Chiefs now without a head coach and beginning a quiet search for a new one, there has been much speculation about Cardinals' offensive coordinator Todd Haley ending up in Kansas City.

In the Arizona Republic, Haley expresses his happiness with the current situation he is in, but also did not close the door on leaving:

“Like I've told everybody else, I love my job here,” he said. “I love the guy I work for (Whisenhunt) and the guys I work with, and I love the guys I coach.

“I've got five kids, so the last thing I'm thinking about is moving anywhere. I'm just enjoying what's going on right here and the fact we've been able to do something nobody else has been able to do.”

We'll see how much interest the Chiefs have in him, and how much they get back from Haley. They cannot meet with him until the Super Bowl is over.

He would be a pretty good option. Obviously, he has a lot to work with on Arizona's offense, including a veteran quarterback in Kurt Warner and a stellar group of wide receivers. However, he's been able to develop a great passing system and, so far in the playoffs, has combined it with running more on first and second downs, effectively wearing the opposing defense out.