ESPN's Chris Mortenson is reporting that Titans' coach Jeff Fisher told quarterback Kerry Collins last week that he wants him back to be the starter once again, which apparently was well received. It is known that Collins will retire if he doesn't get a starting job in the NFL, regardless of whether it's in Tennessee.

The Titans and Collins will need to work out an extension in order for this to happen. If both sides want the same thing, a new deal and Collins starting ahead of Vince Young in '09, I see no reason why this could not happen.

Collins resurrected his career in 2008, only throwing seven interceptions and leading the number-one seeded Titans. However, I question this decision, if true. While Tennessee is good enough to win in the regular season, using their two running backs and top-notch defense, asking Collins only to limit his mistakes and periodically make a play, it is very difficult to do anything in the postseason without a quarterback capable of leading the team. As we saw against the divisional game against Baltimore, the Titans could not recover from mistakes to avoid losing, partially because of this.

Then again, their options are fairly slim. Young may still have talent, but his makeup is, as well all know, awful. He claims that he'll be dedicated and work out more and all of that, but when the goings get tough, such as the beginning of this season, you never know what will happen. They might bring Chris Simms back, but he hasn't started in a while.

The last option would be to acquire a quarterback, but there aren't many expected to hit the market this offseason, and they need money to ensure Albert Haynesworth stays with the Titans.