According to the Miami Herald, former Chiefs president and GM Carl Peterson was at the Miami playoff game on Sunday. Not only was he with Stephen Ross, the expected new owner, put he was “cozying up” to him, wearing a Dolphins' pin, and, as Armando Salguero puts it:

And he was overheard talking about the Dolphins as, “We.” and “We're.” So it sounds like Peterson believes he's going to soon be part of the Dolphins organization in some capacity. Ross and Peterson go back 25 years. Peterson was the general manager of the USFL's Philadelphia Stars and Ross was the team's owner.

The problem for the Dolphins is that they already have a president, Bill Parcells, who will apparently be coming back in '09, bypassing his opt-out clause. So, if Peterson goes to the Dolphins, what will he do?

Possibly, and hopefully not for Miami, Parcells actually plans to opt-out, and Peterson will be his replacement. Looking at his sketchy history in Kansas City, this would be a steep downfall from the Big Tuna, one that could take the organization, which took about ten steps forward this season, back five. If this happens, much of the optimism warranted because of this season could be lost rather easily.

Salguero seems to think that if both are to be in the organization, Peterson would would have a role strictly on the buisiness side of the team. I still wouldn't bring him aboard, but I guess if what the writter guesses comes true, it would not be the biggest of deals.