The Indianapolis Colts have to be a little shocked right now. After all, following an impressive nine straight victories to get into the playoffs, they lost in overtime in the first round to an 8-8 team that needed a surprising surge and a historic collapse to get in. As Bob Sanders's demeanor after the game-winning touchdown run, most members of the team should and are downright angry.

If they just made a few more plays, if they just made a few more stops, if they just made a few more less dumb penalties, especially in overtime….the bottom line is, the Colts lost, even if they still feel they're the better team that could have won if not for the penalties and protection breakdown on the third-and-two play with about two minutes left, as well as another critical fourth down play.

The question now is if coach Tony Dungy will come back to lead the Colts for one more season. Many thought he would retire regardless of the result of this season, but now, I'm not so sure.

One usually likes to go out on top, not a humiliating loss to a team that went .500 and, as explained before, needed a miracle to just win their division. With the success Dungy has had, two consecutive losses to the Chargers would not be a very friendly way to ride into the sunset.


We'll see what he does; I believe he really does want to retire, but the competitive spirit in him could be enough to convince him for another season.