The first Sunday playoff game, at 1:00, will have the Ravens going into Miami to face the Dolphins, the shocking winners of the AFC East.

Miami's game on offense is basically eliminating turnovers (they have the fewest in the league), which Chad Pennington does perfectly, while allowing Ronnie Brown to provide most of the offensive firepower, often in the wildcat formation. It will be interesting – probably deciding the game – to see if the ball-hawking Ravens, led by Ed Reed, can force the Dolphins to uncharacteristically commit some turnovers. Also, Miami's coaching staff has most likely practiced some new-look wildcat plays and formations for Brown, as the wildcat offense failed against Baltimore earlier in the season. The effectiveness of those will be crucial

If the Ravens can get the ball, maybe even scoring a defensive touchdown, they should be able to win this ballgame.

Ravens' offensive coordinator Cam Cameron trusts his rookie quarterback Joe Flacco, and will let him make some throws. However, he knows that running the ball when ahead, when risky passing plays are unnecessary, is the best play to call. With three competent backs, the Ravens' offense should be able to do this. Flacco will make a big play or two, but I expect to see a heavy dose of run with short passes, as if the Ravens' defense dominants, there really would be no need for him to air the ball out and risk the Dolphins gaining the game's momentum. Joey Porter, among others, may rattle him, and as a rookie, I don't see why a lot of pressure would be placed upon Flacco's shoulders.

This game, despite being on the road, seems to be a great match-up for the Ravens. Again, the key is forcing turnovers on Miami, who will be stubborn but, in my opinion, eventually give at least a ball or two up. From there, Cameron will do what he does best, managing and winning a game. I'll go Ravens 16, Dolphins 7.