The Newark Star-Ledger has some Jets' nuggets we can look at:

  • As we already know, former Broncos' coach Mike Shanahan is not interested in New York's open head coaching vacancy, making him the second high-profile coach, along with Bill Cowher, to turn them down. Owner Woody Johnson, looking to sell PSLs for his new stadium in 2010, can't be happy about this.
  • Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski will interview with the Jets next week, their sources say. Jagodzinski has been BC's coach the last two seasons, and had prior experience working with Brett Favre as Green Bay's offensive coordinator. If the report turns out to be true, there is nearly no chance he gets the job, as again, it would not get the fans excited to invest huge amounts of money into seats to watch the team.
  • As we also know by now, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo will interview regarding the head coaching job today. As of right now, he appears to be the favorite of the long-list of candidates, but I have a feeling he could wind up in Denver.
  • Sources of the newspaper say offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is well-liked by GM Mike Tannenbaum, and will get “strong consideration”. Really, why? Brian's playcalling was not very good this season considering he had a decent amount to work with, including the strong-arm of Favre (yes, I know about the negatives of him) and a good running game. If he gets the job, Jet fans should truly be disgusted.
  • As a writer's note: why the hell does Mike still have his job? He brought in all of the pricely players last offseason and could still not field a playoff team, and the Jets' future isn't looking very bright. He should have been the one to take the blame for 2008, not the coach. It's similar to Jerry Jones in Dallas- giving a coach a bunch of high-profile players makes it incredibly difficult to build team chemistry while still focusing on winning games, and Tennenbaum put Mangini in a position to fail.
  • Personally, if they can't get Spagnuolo, I would like to see New York land Rex Ryan, as he has deserved a head-coaching job for some time, and could bring the physicality on defense that the Jets need.
  • Former Mangini adviser Teddy Atlas blasted Favre in a radio interview on WFAN, saying he “forced down the throat of Mangini.” He also called Brett a selfish player, and that Woody Johnson got him just for the PSLs and not football. Favre has become the scrapegoat for the Jets shortcomings in 2008, which I'm fine with considering the poor play down the stretch and the hype and arrogance surronding him. I also agree with Atlas that Favre never really fit what Mangini wanted to do with the offense. If they let Jones run the ball, the offense would have turned out much better.
  • Kris Jenkins said that a herniated disc suffered in Week 3 and a late hip injury slowed him down near the end of the season. This is completely believable, as Jenkins, who was perhaps the best nosetackle in the first three months, struggled greatly at the end, making the Jets' run defense significantly worse and contributing to the ugly December.