Day 2: Sunday, July 31, 2005

After a day at the beach, where a flock of seagulls, (no not the band, an actual flock of flying birds that were primarily seagulls) attacked us and made away with our Cheesy Puffs and hamburger buns, we are made our way back to the River Ridge Complex for Day 2 of Cowboys Camp.

For the first time since arriving at camp, we finally hear Bill Parcells say something and man was he loud! He was shouting at the offensive line as they were doing O-Line vs D-Line drills. He was shouting out orders and hand signals for the O-Line to block the D-Line. That part of practive got pretty intense and judging by the sounds of the hits, it was just that.

Then just when you thought things could not get any better, Ware and Spears joined the team today after signing contracts. Ware signed a five-year, $13 million deal, which includes $10 million in guaranteed money, and Spears signed a five-year, $9.35 million deal with $6.7 million in guarantees. The defense then showed its first signs of moving to the 3-4. They had Canty, Ferguson and Ellis as the front 3 and Ware, Spears, Nguyen and Singleton as the backers. Add to that Newman and Henry as the corners, Izell Reese as the free safety and big time playmaker Roy Williams roaming the line as the strong safety and it is safe to say the Cowboys look real strong on Defense.

45 minutes before practice was over and we called it a weekend, the Boys ran offense vs defense and the six thousand spectators came to life. There were tons of ooohs and aahhhs at the perfect throws by the offense and break away runs by Julius Jones. And plenty of oohhs at the hard hits the defense put on.

After a quick trip through the Cowboys Trailer, which had on display their 5 Super Bowl trophies, it was time to say good-bye to Oxnard. But one thing is sure – Football is here again!