Challenge Game

The classic NFL Rants & Raves Challenge Game that started several years ago on the show. This year, Steven is putting his picks up against the fans and every week, one lucky fan gets to put his weekly picks up against Steven. As always, when there are games Steven disagrees with the fans, a challenge game is selected.. The loser of the previous week’s challenge game gets to select the current week’s challenge game. At the end of the year, if the fans win more Challenge Games than Steven, they will get to select a punishment that Steven will have to perform for all to see. Will Steven beat the fans or will he have to perform an embarrasing task?

Week Steven Fans Details
Steven 11 – Fans 9 (Championship Weekend fan – Joey Valle) – STEVEN WINS!
Joey came back for another show and this time the fans voted to use Joey’s picks over Nacho’s. So instead of no challenge game this week, by default the only game Joey and Steven had different was the NFC Championship Game. Unfortunately for Joey and the fans, the Seahawks came back to win in dramatic fashion in OT.
Dallas Cowboys Steven 10 – Fans 9 (Divisional Weekend fan – Joey Valle)
Steven’s friend Joey Valle co-hosted the show and made picks for the fans. He was certain that the Packers would eliminate Steven’s team from the playoffs and thanks to a controversial reversal of Dez Bryant’s catch in the 4th quarter, he was right. That puts the fans right back in it!
Steven 10 – Fans 8 (Wild Card Weekend fan – Gareth Busby)
Gareth was feeling good after making some solid picks in Week 17. Unfortunately, that did not carry over into Wild Card Weekend. Steven was annoyed that he did not take the Panthers/Cardinals game as the Challenge Game on Saturday, but the Colts took care of business giving him the tenth Cahllenge Game win.
17 Steven 9 – Fans 8 (Week 17 fan – Derek Viera)
Derek felt that the Steelers would win the division by beating the Bengals, but Steven thought that after the Bengals win over Denvers the week before, that they were ready for primetime. Apparently NOT! The Steelers took care of Cincinnati and gave Steven his eighth loss in the Challenge Game.
16 Dallas Cowboys Steven 9 – Fans 7 (Week 16 fan – Thomas Wolf)
Thomas was so confident that the Colts were going to win, he said they would beat the Cowboys by 10 points. Steven said that if the Cowboys were to lose, he was prepared to go down with the ship and Dallas made him look good with a 42-7 thrashing of the Colts.
15 Steven 8 – Fans 7 (Week 15 fan – Katy Harris)
Steven thought that the Rams would be able to take care of the Cardinals at home on a short week while Katy did not have confidence in St. Louis. She was right, and although the Rams did not allow a TD in the game, they could not score any points on offense & Steven has now lost 2 in a row.
14 Steven 8 – Fans 6 (Week 14 fan – Peter Kindberg)
There were only two games Peter had different from Steven, but he took the Giants over the Titans and there was no way Steven was going to take the Giants a week after losing to the Jaguars. Fortunately for the fans, Peter gave them their first Challenge Game win in 4 weeks as NY trahsed Tennessee.
13 Steven 8 – Fans 5 (Week 13 fan – nachisimo)
Nacho was confident that Steven would be hit by the dreaded Seattle Seahawks curse and get a loss in the Challenge game when picking the Seahawks. But the 49ers could not give Steven a third loss in the Challenge game. Turns out Steven went 4-0 against Nacho in games differed.
12 Steven 7 – Fans 5 (Week 12 fan – GregTheBillsFan)
An illness stopped Steven from recording a show, but it did not stop him from winning the Challenge Game. Greg The Bills Fan only had one different pick from Steven in Week 12, making the Browns at Falcons game the Challenge Game by default. Unfortunately for Greg and the fans, the Falcons failed in the end.
11 Steven 6 – Fans 5 (Week 11 fan – Richard Graves)
The fans brought in a professional in Week 11, looking to Sky Sports News NFL reporter Richard Graves to save them. Unfortunately, he put a little too much stock in Vikings rookie Teddy Bridgewater, and the Bears survived at home to give Steven the win.
10 Steven 5 – Fans 5 (Week 10 fan – jeremyparkerfrcs)
With Steven in London covering the Cowboys/Jaguars game, Jeremy Parker jumped in for a second time, and for a second time, Jeremy stuck with his favorite team, the 49ers who rewarded him with a crazy overtime win in New Orleans.
9 Steven 5 – Fans 4 (Week 9 fan – mike_carlsons_shirt)
Derek Hanlan was coming off a win on the NFL Rants & Raves Pick ‘Em site and in Week 9, he and Steven only disagreed on two games. Steven figured that the Panthers offense was so bad that he would take the Saints on the road and make it the challenge game. The Saints made him look good.
8 Steven 4 – Fans 4 (Week 8 fan – bggddycool)
The Jets never had a chance as Geno Smith tossed 3 INTs in the 1st quarter and was benched in favor of Michael Vick. Vick brought the Jets to within seven points,but never got them over the hump as the Bills ran away with the game in the 2nd half. Steven vows never to take the Jets agian this season!
7 Steven 4 – Fans 3 (Week 7 fan – olliei)
Steven regains the lead but it took the final play of the game for the Bills to get a one point win over the Vikings. Steven thought he would be losing another game, but thanks to Sammy Watkins for giving the Bills the win at the end of the game.
6 Steven 3 – Fans 3 (Week 6 fan – Fdl452)
Steven winds up sticking with the Vikings even though he was unsure what they would be doing at QB. The fans quickly jumped on that mistake and took the Lions and finially won again. The season series is all tied up now at three games a piece.
5 Steven 3 – Fans 2 (Week 5 fan – raphallwright)
The fans got another chance to pick the challenge game in Week 3, but going against Peyton Manning was a big mistake. The Cardinals got their first loss of the season and this Broncos win has given Steven a three game winning streak over the fans.
4 Steven 2 – Fans 2 (Week 4 fan – meangreen)
After Steven got his first win of the season, it was the fan’s turn to pick the challenge game. Meangreen decieded that the Bears would be his selection saying he thought the Packers D was awful and he thought the Packers would have no answers against the Bears offense. Jay Cutler let him down!
3 Dallas Cowboys Steven 1 – Fans 2 (Week 3 fan – mephiston)
After the Rams jumped out to a 21-0 lead over the Cowboys, it appeared as Steven was about to start the year 0-3, but fortunately for him, the Cowboys decided to step up and came up with a huge come from behind win to beat the Rams and put Steven on the board.
2 Steven 0 – Fans 2 (Week 2 fan – nyfg34)
The fans pick up their second win of the season, as Steven backed the Super Bowl Champions on the road. The Chargers dominated the game however and dropped the Seahawks, putting Steven in a 0-2 hole to start the year.
1 Dallas Cowboys Steven 0 – Fans 1 (Week 1 fan – jeremyparkerfrcs)
In the opening Challenge Game agains tthe fans, Steven let Jeremy pick the game to start it all off. Jeremy said it was plain and simple, he’s a 49ers fan so he is going with his team. He took the 49ers over the Cowboys and Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray’s turnovers were all he needed to get the win.